Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Cross the Pond B&B

It seems our bed and breakfast is closed for just a few days - in other words we have our place to ourselves for four days until guests arrive again. I just said goodbye to one of my best friends in the world who arrived on Tuesday evening and took off this morning at 5:30. I am EXHAUSTED.

I love having guests normally and I love entertaining but we're still not unpacked (we've been here for four weeks now) and things are still kind of piled up around the place and pictures are still not hung. Toys are strewn about looking for a home and unpacked boxes are stacked on top of each other. I'm starting to think that if I haven't opened the box, or needed what was in it for over four months then I probably do not need it and should just chuck it straight out the window. But once again, I digress.

My childhood friend Fina was here and it was great fun, but, man, am I tired.She is single with no kids and likes to have a good time - and a good time was had but I can't keep up anymore - not with the 4am feedings and 3am potty breaks. We had gloriously wonderful wine every night, ate great food: all gourmet, full fat, slathered in butter and cheese - in other words fattening and delicious. See our girls night out above - that is the before photo (I won't post the after).

AND I finally got out shopping for the first time since I arrived here and we contributed greatly to the economy and I am fully stocked with clothes that are nice and summery and actually fit. But I put on about 7lbs (3.2 kilos) in a week! We walked all over the place but it was no match for our hedonistic lifestyle!

She left this morning and I was sad but relieved to see her go. She's back to the Bahamas and I'm back to reality. Thank heavens my reality is starting to feel like home and I'm actually really enjoying myself. Our new flat is exactly what we needed.

My sister and her husband are staying with us again this week on their way back from South Africa and the World Cup. It will be nice to see them, but it will be nice to have the place to ourselves so we can finally unpack once and for all.

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  1. I know just how you feel. It is really lovely to have friends staying but it is hard work. And isn't it always the way that they all seem to come at once, one after the other, rather than spreading it out over the year?


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