Sunday, May 30, 2010

X's new favorite toy

X loves his new little teether - the Vulii Chan Pie Gnon Natural Rubber Baby Teether. I have to admit that when it arrived and I opened the box I didn't think much of it but quickly changed my mind. I thought it was going to be a solid piece and hard for X to hold but I was way off. It is soft, squeezable, makes a squeaky sound/whistle and my little man immediately took to it. It even smells nice (weird but true).

They are now inseparable. He coos to his new friend before stuffing him in his mouth. It's a huge hit. Honestly, I don't know who likes it better - X or me. His reaction to Vulii is hilarious to watch - he dives for it, chews on it for hours on end, laughing, cooing and babbling to it.Which is a huge relief to me as I have boxes upon boxes to unpack and he's been acting up of late. When I give this little toy to him I can actually get some work done - it's a miracle!

If you're interested in one you can find a Vulii Natural Rubber Baby Teether at the online nursery shop Hello Baby which has quickly become my go-to website for all things kiddie. Check them out!

He's chewing on it now and Cate is watching Peppa Pig so I had better get back to my unpacking while I can.


  1. First, X is adorable! But I have a question: Why do you call him X? Have you ever mentioned his name on this blog? Is it his initial? Just curious since you write Cate's name all the time...I wasn't sure why there would be a privacy issue for one child but not the other? Anyway, was just wondering...not judging your choices!

  2. Hi Rachel - X is my son's initial. I try to keep a little anonymity for the sake of my husband and kids. Cate's real name isn't Cate (her name begins with a C) as per the request of Fen (my husband's initials)

  3. Ahhh, that makes sense! Thanks for clearing that up!

  4. Ah...I was wondering the same as Rachel. All is clear now!

    X is adorable. It's great to find a teether toy that they really like.

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