Saturday, May 22, 2010

The search for education

We resumed our search for a nursery/primary school for Cate yesterday. I was NOT impressed with the latest.

The first thing that threw me was the fact that the students called the teachers by their first names - not Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms. I don't like that at all! Cate is a very defiant, bold individual and not having that line of authority clearly marked will not be lost on her. Perhaps I'm old school but I think that there needs to be a pecking order in school and kids should know and respect their teachers. Calling them by their first name makes them more peers and far to familiar - just my thoughts.

Second, the school is a discovery based learning curriculum - sort of a Montessori type learning. Cate needs more structure. She needs to have supervision and more of an organized room to learn. This turned me off completely. Also, in the nursery there were only two adults and a room filled with kids doing their own thing. My daughter would tear that room apart without having a clear indication of what she needs to be doing. When she is at home we have routine and Cate does well with this, left to her own devices, she usually gets up to no good. She has plenty of freedom - don't get me wrong - but she is a very intelligent, curious child and it takes a bit to keep her happy. I'm fine with this - I have crafts galore and activities aplenty for her. She just need discipline and organization.

Next, the head teacher was very nice, very engaging but he seemed very focus on music, more than anything else. Which is great! But Claire is more artistic rather than musical so far. I'm more interested in learning how she's going to read, etc. than after school clubs right now. I think it's great that he is so passionate but I don't think he cares so much about the other stuff as much as the music.I could be wrong about him but that's the feeling I got.

So we've scratched this one off our list. Pity - it's a state school. Cate's already in at a few terrific nursery schools but I have to get her into reception for next year and that's the real hunt. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Education... so difficult! I've never seen a school in our area where children call teachers by first names. Its exciting that there is such variety in schools, simply because that represents the open minds in education today. However, if you know what you want and the local schools aren't offering it, that is frustrating. good luck with your search.

    Have you seen the different school review sites? Im not sure if they are for a particular sector (e.g. independent schools, grammar schools, state schools or all types).

  2. It's always a problem finding the right place for your child. It doesn't really sound as if it is a Montessori type of nursery school. My daughter was manager of two different Montessori schools and they were very structured. Pity they aren't in London!
    Good luck with the search.


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