Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Place

Hooray - we have a new place. It's bigger, it's better, it's fabulously wonderful and we're moving this weekend. And...get this... it's only four doors down. We saw it last week and when I saw the two large palm trees and the manicured garden in the front I just KNEW it was going to be home. And now it will be.

It's more expensive but so worth it. The kitchen alone is marvellous - marble countertops, a working oven and washer/dryer, and a gas hob. And the best bit - a nice big sunny window for my herb garden! I haven't had a window in my kitchen since I left my parents house for university - in other words, I've never had a window in my kitchen (thank you New York City). Well, we had a window in our kitchen about 10 years ago but it looked out on the air shaft which was a haven for mating pigeons  - that doesn't count, right?

One of my biggest worries about our current-soon-to-be-repossessed flat was the space - where on earth would my little X learn how to walk? Where would he and Cate play? Well, that's not an issue anymore - we have a nice long hall way, loads of room in the lounge and bedrooms for X to master the art of walking, climbing and anything else his little heart desires. And Cate can spread her toys out all at the same time (although we do monthly rotations so she doesn't get bored with them)

There is a large back yard, it's communal but there are other children in the building and there are shared toys - a castle, slide, swing, etc. We'll add a few of Cate's toys to it so everyone can play with them as well. There's a large deck and a nice large lawn as well. Cate is going to love it. I'll post photos soon.

I'm so inspired I've been doing a lot of busy work that I just haven't wanted to do for my job. (I love my job). At least I'll be able to better organize myself in the new place, that's a real point of happiness for me as well.

I thank you all for your good wishes and you were right - things do happen for a reason. I was not remotely happy with our flat and I know we will be happy in our new one. I have to say my spirits are considerably lifted. So lifted I'm ready to go after our landlord for our money with guns loaded and swords drawn.


  1. Cool :) glad to hear that things are working out. Good luck moving and fighting the evil landlord.

  2. Wow! It sounds really really fab. Im happy for you. Its been a rough and bumpy start but it sounds like good times are coming along with the sunshine!! We'll be thinking of you this weekend as you move in and begin to nest properly. x

  3. So happy for you. Should be nice weather for the move this weekend too.

  4. Everyone needs a window in the kitchen. (That might have just inspired a post.)

  5. Thanks for the good wishes. Wish I was going to be there Michelloui! And a window in the kitchen is definitely a must!

  6. Just catching up with your recent posts. I am absolutely delighted for you. This new flat sounds perfect and I'm sure you will all be happy there.


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