Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving on up?

As things go from bad to worse in our current flat, we're out hunting for another. We have considered buying a flat but did we want to incur the expresn and responibility? Regardless, I did a little research for online loans just in case.

So we’re looking at new flats in our neighbourhood and beyond – it’s exhausting. Perhaps it would be in our best interests to just bite the bullet and buy a flat – then we don’t have to worry about bad landlords or about drilling holes in the wall. The freedom of having your own place is a great – but a huge expense – especially if you have major repairs. There are benefits and drawbacks to owning and to renting. We think renting may be the best right now – but you never know.

Whatever the case, we need to a find a place to STAY – for a minimum of three years. I cannot fathom moving again. I just can’t!


  1. I haven't used any agency in London but see a lot of signs on the streets for apartments owned and let by agencies. Maybe that would be a way to go for you so you deal with a reputable property company instead of an individual?

  2. Hope u find something soon. There is always pros and cons to renting versus owning cc

  3. Mind you, if you're going to buy, now's the time to bag a bargain!! Recession and all.

  4. Sorry to hear about your crap experience. All you need isn't it? I would second the suggestion of going to one of the estate agents you see advertised on the signs.

  5. Moving home can be so stressful especially when you have young kiddies, hope you find something soon. Good luck.


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