Monday, May 10, 2010

More stuff

The rest of our stuff arrived today. God help me - it's too much! We put a bunch of stuff in storage when it first arrived but the time ran out and it all came back to us today. Half of it is out on the patio and the rest is stacked in the entry way. Time to scooch around boxes again. Ah, the joy.

We made a decision - we're shipping a bunch of things back to the US - my brother will store it for us for several years. ALL electronics are going back. We've tried several transformers to no avail. The first, as you know, was my PC. I still mourn it's death. Then last week Fen brought home a new transformer that we were promised would solve all our issues - it didn't. It cost £100 and it blew up my fancy Kitchenaid food processor. The thing literally smoked - I thought it might burst into flame when it started smoking. I quickly unplugged it, grabbed it and ran to the front door intending to hurl it out into the rain - but Fen was coming in the door when I opened it. I must have been quite a sight with a smoking food processor and look of terror in my eyes.

We're getting a quote from our movers to return all electronics - all my fancy crystal and china, half the Christmas ornaments, Fen's telescope, coffee tables, rugs, etc. - all going back to the US of A. Frankly, I'll be glad to get rid of it and it will be one less hassle when we head back to the states in a few years.

So for now we squeeze past unpacked boxes and suitcases, and things that have no place yet.


  1. You know, if you're sending all your electronics back to the States but won't use them for another few years, it might be worth selling them (on eBay or CraigsList or something like that). By the time you get back to the States to use them again they'll be very out of date or even obsolete, and you'll probably want new electronics to play with! Just a thought :)

  2. I agree with Betsy. Far less hassle. I never advise bringing too many electrics over anyway as it often ends in tears even with tranformers. Plus, with Best Buy opening in the UK surely you can now get relatively cheap stuff?

  3. Transformers never worked for me, either. I ended up buying a new PC and bought all new electronic gizmos. I kept my good china, though; I'd just bought it at Target ;)

  4. All my electronics have to go home - I can't take losing another one. I'd rather send them back to my brother and have him use them for a few years. Thanks for the advice though. I'm shopping tomorrow for new stuff. I miss cooking and baking and I know Fen misses it too.

  5. I was so pleased that electronic stuff from UK works OK in Turkey and vice versa. It's a bit of a hassle for you having to replace things..and costly too!


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