Saturday, May 15, 2010

A hunting we will go

I've been reluctantly pounding the pavement looking at new flats. Some great, some - not so much.

One place - which was a highrise and I didn't even want to go inside (I didn't leave New York City to live in a highrise apartment building with no charm and a doorman) - we couldn't even fit the double stroller in the lift so that was scratched off the list immediately.

We saw one flat that has loads of potential. I'm feeling cheerier but it's all so discouraging.

We may have to sue our current landlord to get our money back - exactly what I do not need. I barely have time to myself as it is. But we will do it if our hands are forced. Why do people have to be so crooked?

Anyway, we'll move, we'll set up shop, settle in and be happy again somewhere new - and BIGGER and better. We'll have no money left but at least we won't have spiders (I hope).


  1. Possibly optimistic on the spiders, but I really hope you find dream-crib...xx

  2. I hope you find something soon, but, um, about the spiders...

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping you find something lovely very soon xx


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