Sunday, May 23, 2010

Foxes in London?

Yesterday we went to the new flat to meet with the inventory guy and get our keys, etc. Today is the big move - the movers will be here in an hour. Can't wait.

While we were there yesterday, we weren't in the door ten minutes when there was a knock on the front door. It was a French man - youngish - about 35. He had just come back from a run and had a look of frustration.

'Hi,' he said breathlessly. 'Did you recently move in?'

'We're about to move in,' I said cheerily.

'Did you put all those boxes and rubbish by the fence?'

'No, wasn't us,' I replied, my cheeriness now fading.

He looked skeptical.

'Have you seen anyone dump anything out there? Because it's not supposed to go there. The foxes got into it last night.'

Foxes? There are foxes running around the mean streets of Hampstead?

'I haven't seen anything. I haven't moved in and we've only been here for ten minutes,' I say.

Still not convinced he said, 'You mean you live here in flat one and you haven't seen anything?'

'We haven't moved in yet, we JUST got here. No, we haven't seen anything at all. We don't even have the keys yet.'

'Keep an eye out and let me know,' he said sharply and turned on his heel. 'Welcome to the building.'

What, no wine, no flowers? Sheesh!


  1. Apparently there are loads of foxes around this area of London. We heard some pretty horrible sounds at night in the beginning and I thought it was cats getting into fights, but from what I've heard, it was probably the foxes fighting. Good luck today!

  2. Hmmm... he sounds vaguely rude. But perhaps this has been a long running battle to get people to stop putting rubbish where it will attract the foxes.

    The only reason foxes are bad in the city is that they can be noisy--oh and they can get to unsecured rabbits and chickens of course (causing much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the younger members of the family!).

    I was also surprised to see so many foxes in the city when I lived there but apparently it's quite an accepted fact amongst Londoners. David Attenborough even did a show on urban foxes (Wildlife on One, I think), and the Telegraph have a fox counter where people are meant to plot on a map where they see foxes (see:

    As I suspect this is potentially more info that you were hoping for... I will leave it there!

    Good luck with the move, looking forward to photos. Hope French man cheers up a bit :)

  3. We had tons of foxes in Wimbledon, right outside our flat. We could hear them, um, mating late at night, and the sound was not pleasant!

  4. Bit like the rabbits bopping around the streets of Chicago then? (Seriously)

  5. Do you think he's a friend of the 'lady' I met in the charity shop? Rude man!

    So are you now to be known as 'Foxy Lady'!!!


  6. Don't be put off by one rude neighbour...there's always one wherever you live! Good luck with settling in.

  7. Oh yeah, foxes make a horrible sound. They wander freely down our street (in London) and often get into the rubbish which is a huge pain. But that guy does not sound very pleasant. Hope your new neighbor is friendlier than his first impression.

    I moved from New York City to London too! It was 10 years ago and I'm still here.

  8. i never saw a fox in a real. here in the Philippines there is no fox here. i wonder how fox sounds like.

  9. Yikes, that was a bit rude. Hopefully you'll have more pleasant interactions with your neighbors once you move in.

    Didn't think there'd be foxes running around the city, but we've got deer walking through the towns around here. Haha.

  10. I love knowing there is wildlife around. I live in Arizona in the US and we have coyotes roaming the neighborhoods. They make the coolest sound ever. I love to hear them.

  11. There is an article on the cover of National Geographic magazine suggesting that foxes might make the perfect pet! They are gorgeous and a nice size. What do you think?


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