Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For The Reek It Smothers Me

After three weeks of nagging and a threat to call the health department - the source of the stench emanating from our kitchen has been found and fixed. No, it was not my cooking, thankyouveddymuch. For the past three weeks every now and again, a terrible, awful smell would waft up from somewhere in our kitchen. It was foul. We couldn't figure it out for anything. But it made me crazy.

Finally, the flat owner sent over his guy who found the source: it was stagnant water from a leak where the dishwasher had originally been - behind the counters. It's all fixed now but, man, it took some doing to get it done.

We haven't had anyone over to visit yet - other than babysitters - because it just smelled so bad in here - you couldn't even predict when it would smell - it just did sometimes and sometimes it didn't.

Anyway, it's all solved now and I'm back to just regular stressed and sleep deprived.

The quote: 'For the reek it smothers me' is from a 12th century Scottish poem/ballad Edom O'Gordon. I studied it in highschool a million years ago and the line always pops in my head when there is a foul odour about. Finally, it has come to good use.  Read it here if you're interested. Stay in school kids!


  1. Hi! I can't think of anything worse than an unidentified smell. We have lots of smells that are identifiable...cows, sheep, donkeys, chickens and their excrement for example..but I can cope with that! Pleased to hear you discovered and dealt with yours.

    Thankyou for following my blog, which has enabled me to find yours. Have just added myself to your list of Followers and will be back to read some more xx

  2. my kitchen drain has got blocked today for some reason so that has been horrid bleugh!! glad you've solved your smell its awful when you can't find what or where it coming from xx


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