Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming up for air

It's been a long busy week. The move went fairly seamlessly which was a huge relief. When the movers showed up Fen and I were not impressed with their slight bodies and thin arms but once they got moving they were Herculean! I could not believe these scrawny guys could lift things so effortlessly. It reminded me of Asterisk and Obelisk and the Druids brew!

We moved the big stuff - all the furniture, the clothes, toys, etc. But we ran out of time to move all my books, photos, frames, and smaller things we just didn't have time to pack. So slowly over the past four days Fen and I have run back and forth packing up suitcases and running them back down to the new place. Finally, at the crack of dawn this morning Fen made the final trip to pick up some shelves we had just installed (dang) and we were out.

At 11:30 today as we walked back past the old place the bailiff and locksmith were there changing the locks and repossessing the property. They told us how often this happens and the tenants are always blindsided. Ridiculous, annoying and frustrating but it's nice to know we're not alone. Ironically, the little rose bush out front, which I admired and was patiently waiting to see bloom - bloomed. Beautiful fuschia English roses. Gorgeous, perfect, and no longer mine.

But that's okay because now when I look outside I see the perfectly manicured garden and the many, many royal palm trees that dot the yard. It's so comforting to me - being an Island girl and all. Outside of my parents home there have always been coconut trees and rows of palms so the trees always make me think of home. And that is just one of the many things I really love about our new place.

This place is not huge, not by any means but it's a palace compared to the last one. It just feels like home whereas the old place made me tense and really unhappy. Even Cate is happier. She has so much more room to move around and so many more of her toys are out. We had a picnic in her bedroom where she served tea and donuts and giggled uncontrollably. It was adorable. It's just much better all around.

Meanwhile I've been ridiuclously busy with the  move, unpacking, going on school tours, trying to sue our former landlord, working on a new deal at work that is driving me bonkers, reading a freelance project that is so wonderful it should be published immediately, and dealing with a cranky, teething six month old baby.

But it's all good because we're finally settling in. And we have big plans for Cate's birthday next week. Can't WAIT to see her reaction to it all! And her godmother (my sister) and uncle are coming to visit. Things are looking WAY up.


  1. Even the tone of your voice in this post is way different to when you first moved into the other flat. Ok, I know you're more used to being here now, but all in all I think this move now puts you in a position where you can just relax, nest and enjoy your life in London!

  2. Sounds like this move might be the silver lining in your many clouds. Best of luck!

  3. I'm glad you are settled in! I wish we'd gotten a chance to get together before we leave, but we'll be back soon.

  4. I'm so pleased for you that the move went well and you are settling in. It sounds like you are extremely busy at the moment, but you do sound so much happier.

  5. Good to hear that you're settling.

  6. wow, what a lot you've been through and are still doing. Glad things are looking up. I have been way out of the loop running my first art e-course - what a journey, but plan to be back visiting people more now!

    I used to love reading Asterisk and Obelisk when I was a kid!

    Amelia.x :)

  7. Great news on your new home, hope you all settle in well. Yeah I think your removal guys must have had some of Asterix's magic potion, wow I remember reading those books when I was a kid.


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