Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I love about my children

This morning I watched my daughter eating her breakfast and just loved the way she held the next spoonful of cereal to her mouth as she chewed the last one. I know all parents think their children are adorable wonders but in this case, mine really are ;-)

Here are a few of the many, endless things I love about them:

How my daughter wants to wear a tutu every day and asks in her little sweet voice, 'Tutu, mommy?' EVERY day.

When my son catches my eye when nursing or having a bottle he smiles. Sometimes he laughs but he's always ready with that precious, innocent smile.

How my daughter says things like, 'Wow, nice!' when we walk into Homebase. She has a little lisp so it sounds like 'Niy-sch'

My son in his jolly jumper - cutest thing ever

How my son gets SO excited for his rice cereal - he dives for the spoon.

When my daughter meets a new child she reaches for their hand and says in a cheery voice, 'Hi, I'm Cate.' Then leads them off to play.

My daughter's never ending curiosity and fearlessness (like stealing the 'Keep off the Grass' sign at Hever Castle - note the abandoned Peppa Pig doll in the background).

My daugher's curls

My son's surprisingly white blond hair

Their laughs

My son's feet - they are ridiculously huge for his age. And his little grabby hands - always wanting a handful of something.

When Cate say, 'I love you, Mommy' - it's the greatest sound in the world. Can't wait to hear X say the same.

I could go on forever. Sometime they drive me crazy (ususally in the wee hours of the night) but I love them unconditionally. Best thing that ever happened to us!

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  1. Ah, what treasures! You express it so very well!


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