Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The trouble continues

So the washing machine is dead. We need a new one. Yesterday I walked by it and said, "The guy's coming to fix you today." And no more than fifteen minutes later it turned itself on and did a complete wash for an hour - with nothing in the machine. After being dead for four days it decided to just up and wash. The repair guy showed up right after it finished. He looked it over and declared the computer was shot so we need a new one. And then the machine turned itself on again - another hour long wash with nothing in it! It's possessed! The repair guy is turning it off today.

The fellow is the landlord's caretaker so I took him through my list of complaints and the result: we need a new washing machine, new oven, new front lock, a new window pane, a window opened in Cate's room, and everything painted. It's all happening this week and next.

Keep your fingers crossed - I will be able to cook again! In a completely repaired and freshly painted flat. Maybe...


  1. Good job! Get them moving. Our car has recently been posessed by the devil and the man in the garage said 'Computer's shot' Maybe that's what repair guys say when they have NO IDEA WHAT'S WRONG! (Sorry outdoor voice!)

    Must go, the 5yo has just put the Nintendo DS Star Wars Game into Spanish......the joys of Easter Holidays!

  2. crossing all my bodyparts for you. I;ve been running around like a headless chicken- I've bearly sat down since Friday- I must reply to your email properly soooooon, Sorry!! x x x

  3. my fingers are crossed! :)



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