Saturday, April 17, 2010

Settling in

As the Icelandic volcanic ash blows over London, we are settling nicely into our shoebox flat. All but about 10 boxes are unpacked (well, we have quite a bit in storage) and we're getting comfy in our space.
Here is Cate creating genius works of art - her favorite thing after chocolate cookies and Peppa Pig. She is finally starting to love her new life in London and is, for the most part, her happy curious self. She's still prone to bouts of angry outbursts and defiance but that may just be the terrible twos.

X is still his chubby, jolly self. Nothing bothers him - unless he's hungry or wants attention. Here he is enjoying his bumble bee playard (ignore the many, many things piled in the background - they will eventually find a place to reside):
Meanwhile, I'm starting to relax more and enjoy London. We've had a few fun nights out - last night we were out with Joyce and her husband - they are fabulous. We went to The Holly Bush Pub for dinner and then out to the King William IV for drinks after. It's the oldest gay bar in London - and we loved it. Little too much wine, me thinks but it was fun!

I was in a great mood when we got home - only to discover that my sister was hospitalized with pneumonia in her bad lung and was gravely ill again. She's better today as it was just pneumonia and not the chemo or the cancer. Which is a huge relief. That just stopped my heart. I just pray her chemo works this time and stops the cancer in it's tracks.

Then I found out last night and today that all of my friends and coworkers have had to cancel their trips to the London Book Fair next week. I'm so upset - I was  looking forward to seeing everyone and had plans all week. Damn. I guess I"m going alone. That's fine, but it's not the same.

Maybe I'll stay home and continue to unpack. We'll have to see.


  1. I'm impressed - you've done so much unpacking and your flat looks very tidy, especially considering you have two little ones! I'm glad you are enjoying London. We live about 40 miles out of London and don't visit it often enough (less than once a year - shameful!) It was a joy to take our little boy last year, we went by car and it was great to see the sights on foot and in the car! We're hoping to take him to the Natural History Museum soon, he's six now and very into dinosaurs!

  2. Wishing your sister well very soon.

  3. ooooh - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Well, what can I say? Creativity is the best!

    Also, I would like to go to the book fair - please do tell me when and where it's on?! I love artists/hand-made books! If this is the type of fair you refer to!

    If you have a mo please email me at: - thank you!



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