Monday, April 19, 2010

Murder Most Foul

This weekend I nearly killed two things but only one managed to actually die (this is not as dramatic as it sounds)

The first was my 6-week old laptop - it started acting up which frustrated me - just as I was about to hurl it out the window - it just fizzled into nothing. I rushed out the door  to the place I purchased it, practicing my speech of injustice and ridiculousness - good thing too. The guy at the counter wanted to take it for two weeks and mail it back to me. As if! I left the store with a new computer - I hadn't even brought a receipt or the power cord from the original computer.The one they gave me was, indeed, a dud. So I got my new computer, a usb flash drive (because I lost all my stuff) and the new window's 7 all for free. That made me happy. And this computer is clearly not a dud (I say while I knock on wood).

The next potential victim was a spider. It dared to crawl up our wall - it was HUGE - about 2 inches in leg span, which to me is scary and horrific to the maximum. I nearly jumped out of my skin and immediately had visions of this creature biting my children and laying eggs in their ears - my shoe was off and I was about to start swinging wtih abandon before Fen intervened. I got the speech about how they are the good guys, blah, blah, blah. He carried it out in a tupperware container and released it back into the wild (well, the yard). Lucky for that spider that Fen was there to save it. Because the next one is getting smashed to bits if he's not around. I know it's bad luck to kill a spider but I figure with the luck I've had lately - it can't get any worse!

So the spiders here have been warned, as has this computer. I'm in no mood to be trifled with at the moment.


  1. I'd like a rest round your house to get away from the killing fields here!

    I hoover spiders sometimes but sometime I go around them...I ALWAYS hoover Lego.

  2. Computer problems are the worst! Ugh, and so are spiders. X_X

    That's great you were able to get a new fully-equipped computer for free! :)

  3. Sarah was telling me similar stories with electronics over in the UK. She said it is apparently a lot easier for returning things such as electronics, than it is here in the states. Good catch though with the laptop...I may need to borrow your skills when I'm looking to invest in one!

  4. Ohmigod, ohmigod, omigod, a SPIDER! I hate those things. It's not natural to be that big (I've seem them carry off small dogs). When I see them, they die.

    RE your PC: Glad to see you got some customer service--no easy task in the UK. Well done!

  5. Buy electricals from John Lewis - their guarantees are excellent. But I do buy small things like stick blenders etc. from Amazon now.


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