Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mountains of boxes as far as the eye can see

So I'm slowly finding all of my apparent treasures in every box I open. My kitchen is coming together but I still can't find my knives or my grater - two things I can't live without. I did bring some of my favorite knives with us - in my air shipment but I want the rest of them now. I still can't cook my favorite meals (Or should I say Fen and Cate's favorites) until I unpack.

We've been living on take out and pizza - you can actually order pizza online here! I love that. In fact Domino's Pizza has a marketing campaign on right now to promote online ordering - which you - fellow bloggers - may also benefit from. If you put their widget on your blog  or facebook, etc and people order from your link - they will pay you! Here's where to get your widget

Meanwhile, I'm gearing up to tackle our suitcases - without the benefit of a real closet - I have no idea where I"m going to put all this stuff but it has to go somewhere! Oy. Thank God for wine (and my many, many wine glasses.)


  1. Umm, Pizza sounds lovely right now. Sadly i don't think deliver out here ;) hope you find your stuff.

  2. Wow! So many boxes to sort through! I'm sure you are happy to see some of your familiar things from home. Curious if you were happy with both your air and sea shipping companies. We are currently shopping companies and would love recommendations.

    We just returned from a week in London and were able to secure a place to rent...whew! It's real now! Happy unpacking to you!


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