Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Giveaway: If Your Kid Eats this Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay by Dr. Lara Zibners

I LOVE this book. Dr. Zibners is an emergency room pediatrician from NY but lives here in London now. Her book is not only filled with information on how to know if your child's injury or illness is truly an emergency or not, it's easy to use and FUN to read. Dr. Zibners has a very light and easy style of writing but she knows her stuff.

This is the gift I give to all new mothers   but it's terrific to have even if you're on child number 5. I highly recommend it and want to share a copy with one of you.

Here's a link to read more:

If you're interested just write a little something in the comment section and I'll pull a winner on April 10th! Good luck


  1. Having a baby at the end of this month and moving to London from Philadelphia in July! Have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. sign me up please. It sounds brilliant and some great reviews on Amazon! I need all the help I can get- I'm just making it up as I go along.

  3. Can I throw my name in the hat? I'm an expat with a 6 month-old trying to navigate with US/UK advice from family! Also a librarian who wouldn't mind suggestions for adding some good stock to local libraries!


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