Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring fever

We were out back in the garden today. As Cate ran and explored I was taking inventory on what I wanted to plant and where. A vegetable garden is definitely in order, flowers are a must and I"m thinking it would be really interesting to plant fruit.

I'm planning on putting in a herb garden of basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley and cilantro here:

And in the back yard I plan to plant loads of flowers. There are daffodils coming up already and I'm sure there are tulips lying low - only time will tell. But right now the bulbs for summer flowers are on sale and I'm drooling over all the gorgeous flowers. Honestly, the flowers here are just stunning. Even the little corner flower stalls offer the most astonishingly beautiful flowers both cut and potted. I want to pull up a lounge chair and sit among all that beauty and drink it all in. So I plan to recreate in our yard. Which currently looks like this (with Fen and Cate):

My dilemma is how to grow fruit  I'm thinking of lemons in a pot. Or berries in the back yard.

We're heading to a few stores this weekend and I'm going to take stock. Expect photos of my successes and failures this summer. Any hints?


  1. Your new place looks like it has a lot of potential, garden-wise; it's sure to keep you busy. You put up with a lot of inconvenience and crap weather to get where you are, but..ah, to be in England, now that April is here...

  2. Looks lovely garden and herbs will do great. I have been growing indoor ones as well as outdoor ones and I would love Oranges, lemons and limes in a pot too xx


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