Monday, March 8, 2010

Moving week

So we have the keys and the place is ours. MAN - is it small. We'll make do but I'd rather have space now. Oh well. I'm just glad we have a place and can start to settle in. Our stuff doesn't arrive for three more weeks so the wait continues.

I've been so sick lately. I've had conjunctivitis (pink eye) that both Cate and X gave to me (just in time for Mother's day). In addition to that my cold moved into my throat and I've been unable to breathe or eat for days. You'd think the rest of the baby weight would be melting off - hardly!  I can't rest because I have to get up and do things daily so I slog my way through the day and collapse in a heap at night. But I'm feeling slightly better today and hope I'll feel even better tomorrow.

I still don't have daycare set up for Cate yet so that's my latest hurdle. I'm picking away at it and hopefully will have something arranged by the week's end. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely time with George's Mum. What a delightful person! And George is the cutest little tow-headed, blue eyed darling. Unbelievably cute and quite the social butterfly. Made friends with everyone. My little X slept through everything - as usual. He sleeps through everything except the night!

He's 14 weeks today - in two weeks I can start giving him rice cereal - I'll see what the doc says but he's a big boy and wants to eat day and night so I'm thinking he's ready for food. I know I'm ready for some decent sleep!

Anyway, off to buy cleaning supplies. The cleaners are at the flat now but that doesn't mean it will be up to my standards (I'm a clean freak). Lots to do: fridges to buy, sheets to wash, and so on.

Feeling much better about London.


  1. Glad to hear that. Just be careful about calling someone's little darling a tow-head. It's not a known phrase in England and the nearest would be "toe-rag", which is a very not-nice thing to call anyone!

  2. I have absolutely no idea what a tow-hesd is!!!!!! and now I have the giggles....

  3. Tow headed is a shock of blond hair. HOnestly, I'm going to get myself in so much trouble over here! Tosser, tow-headed - I'm in for a world of hurt! It's a good thing to be tow-headed. It's CUTE!

  4. Here's a bit of good news to welcome you to the UK, before you get in any more trouble with the native Mums - you've won the Bambeano baby bean bag from Mummy's Little Monkey! If you send your delivery address to: I'll arrange for it to be sent straight you. xx

  5. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! I'm so excited someone I know won! Well done!! Lucky X- he's going to love it x x x

  6. Yay! Thank you so much Mummy's Little Monkey! I'm thrilled.

  7. Pleased you're getting settled in. Don't worry about all the language differences, it will make for a good laugh for you one day!


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