Thursday, March 11, 2010

The madness continues

We have not moved in. I tell you - I"m nearing the end of my tether for patience. There was no heat or hot water - so the gas man came but couldn't connect it because the electricity in the storage room was shot and the boiler had a leak. While he was discovering this, Fen and I moved some of the furniture (they are removing all the furniture at some point) and noticed mold on the wardrobes and part of the wall. I flipped.

So they are fixing everything, removing and destroying the wardrobes and painting everything. Honestly, the flat was leased to us as walk-in ready but it is most certainly not. It's still very charming and we still like it - even though I think it's tiny - so we're willing to wait but it's getting ridiculous. I'm STILL sick with a sore throat and my ear is going so I don't need the hassle, frankly.

BUT....there is a silver lining. We've found the most fantastic child minder for Cate for the next six months until she starts nursery school. Once she's in school, X will take her place. We're doing the school walk-arounds and applying to schools in the area. They all look absolutely fantastic. We're waitlisted at two and have five more to view. There's always the state school just up the road which also looks great so we're making headway.

We've also registered at our NHS office and were there today for X who has a little cough but he's fine and the doctors were wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable and we were very impressed.

I've also discovered places to take Cate: Coram Fields, Gymboree, a few different community centres, playgroups at the Heath, etc. So I'm starting to settle in. I"ve met a few mums and everyone is very welcoming, helpful and lovely. Even though the flat situation is rough, at least I'm making headway.

To help with the flat situation, Fen's company extended our corporate housing stay another week so we will not have to live there without a phone, internet or television. Gawd forbid I get cut off from the world again. Just getting Virgin to make a time to come out to the flat to hook us up was a trial -but they're coming next week.

I'm missing NY less but I miss my sister a lot. The sister T who lived next door to us in Brooklyn whose cancer has now spread to her spine. She's back in radiation and will start heavy chemo again. This, too, can be controlled and killed off, but poor T will never be cancer free. I hate that I am not there with her anymore, but she loves to hear my tales and woes from her hospital bed. She misses Cate and X a lot as well. We're going to visit in a few months which is a good thing. She should be home in another week and Cate has mailed off art work for her.

Today there was a tea at Cate's daycare center (which is absolutely fantastic and I'll definitely miss them when we move). Cate was thrilled to have us (X and me) there and presented me with my very first homemade Mother's Day card. It is my single most prized possession now. A glittery hand print of my little angel - better than diamonds!

The cord for my camera is somewhere on a ship in the Atlantic right now. No photos for at least three weeks. The fabulous graveyard is Bunhill Fields, by the way. Daniel Defoe and William Blake are both buried there.


  1. Hi! I'm about to move from California to London in about two months. I have to say that while I'm excited, I'm also incredibly nervous about this new adventure. My husband is taking a job over there and we've got a 4.5yr old girl who will be starting kindergarten (do they even call it that in London?). I'm hearing mostly negative things such as the British hate Americans, it's extremely expensive, the food and weather are horrible, space is small, customer service sucks, kids are frowned upon (in the city anyway), etc). I find it hard to believe that all of this is true. It's refreshing to read in your last few posts that you are missing home less and liking London more. I'm open to ANY advice you've got as well! I'm sorry to hear about your sister. That must be difficult being so far away. I hope all goes smoothly with your flat repair and you are in and settled soon!!

  2. Let's see: small flat, mold, workmen with a causal attitude toward customer service. Yup, you're in England all right ;)

    Glad to see, even in the whirlwind of change you are going through, that you can see the good things, of which there are many.

  3. A million thanks to you for answering my questions! We are looking around Richmond and Chiswick for places. We'll be in corporate housing for about 2 months so that should give us some time to have a look around. I've always heard that British schools were far superior - although a friend of a friend who just moved back from London said her kids are actually behind and had to be held back. That was shocking.
    We are now trying to figure out what we ought to have shipped over and what to leave/sell. Decisions, decisions!


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