Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Beautiful Day in London

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day - the sun was shining - it was a tad cold but it was glorious. We went over the Regent's Park and walked through the stunning manicured gardens. The English can't be beat when it comes to formal gardens - and it's winter. I can't wait to go through the park this summer.

Cate had a great time in one of the playgrounds. She and a little boy named Martin had a blast on the big slide. It was nice to see her back to her old self. She ran through one of the malls with her red ball. There were two dogs who kept a sharp eye on teh ball but never dashed after it - a miracle for certain. The highlight of the park for Cate was the hokey pokey icecream she shared with Fen. I had hot chocolate and X slept through everything.

After the park we hopped on the tube and went down to Westminster - I wanted to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. It was crowded but I finally feel like I'm in London. With the pressure to find a place over we can finally relax and have a little fun.

We walked down the embankment of the Thames and then took the tube back up to our flat. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon in London. I'm finally starting to feel at home - ish.


  1. I loved living in London because of the easy access to all those amazing places--parks, landmarks, hitorically important locations, even the shops (sans children)! I dont think I took advantage of it as much as I should/could have. Fortunately I only live 40 mn from London now and we have friends we visit, which is lovely.

    Glad you're settling in and glad there was sun to help you start to step into your London life!!

  2. Fabulous. And now I'm all homesick. Especially because we have no leaves or green grass anywhere at the moment.


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