Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost there

Here's good news - I'm not sick anymore - I 'm almost back to normal.This is making a huge difference in everything. Playing with the kids is not a chore and going out in the cold doesn't drain me. So I'm halfway there. The flat is still not ready for us but I'm not even thinking about it anymore. It has to be done by Monday or we cancel the lease and start all over again. I shudder to think.

Next week is going to be busy with school viewings, playdates (that's right!) and I'm having lunch with one of my childhood friends. She's already come over for dinner but we're having a girls lunch and I"m really looking forward to it. X has his immunizations next week which I'm hoping goes as easily as the first round. Poor little fella still has a touch of a cold.

In the meantime, I've been out there exploring London and I've made a few observations of things I like better here and things I prefer in America:

  • I love the towel warmers. They are fantastic. How did I live without them before?
  • I could do without the separate faucets - one hot one cold. Madness! One faucet please!
  • Paper towels - they are so small and useless here. Give me Bounty!
  • Not handicap friendly in the tubes - can't take both kids on the tube. NY has elevators everywhere.
  • Television - we went from 1000 channels and TiVo to six channels and nothing to watch! That should change next week.
  • I love the ready-made meals at M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury's.
  • The chocolate is considerably better - no competition at all.
  • The beer is much better - too bad I can't drink much of it right now (my time is coming)
  • I love NY but London has much more charm. The buildings and history really fascinates me.
  • No one delivers - it's all take out.
  • I love how they announce when the tube trains will arrive - they are much more frequent in London. But the trains are much bigger in NY.

That's enough complaining/comparing for now.


  1. The separate sinks are ridiculously annoying, I agree! Just wait till you get more channels, there will still be nothing to watch :) But the UK has some really good 'reality' shows, like My Fake Baby and 1000 Men Own My Breasts. I miss the tv there!

  2. I do like Country Home Rescue. It's fabulous!

  3. I'm laughing about the Bounty - I actually packed huge packs of Bounty and Charmin in our sea shipment! I'll be so sad the day they are gone.

    The tube with the kids will get easier as they get older. Our local train to get into Philadelphia isn't handicap accessible and I managed a few months ago. I was worn out afterwards, but we made it in one piece! Cate will soon be able to walk more places and you can carry X.

    And I'm with you on the faucets.

  4. We have Bounty and Charmin paper towels over here. I suppose there is a difference in UK and US sizes. With regard to taps/faucets, I think you will find that a lot of people who own their own properties have actually changed to one tap/faucet mixers in both kitchens and bathrooms. I have for one.

  5. Here's irony: in our flat (if we ever get to move in) we have one faucet yet no towel warmer in the bathroom. So I got one and lost one. I'll live.

  6. Towel warmers are the best! But I also love the TV (telly) here. Granted, you can find all the crappy shows you can stand (many of them from the US) but if you are looking for quality programming, you can find it more readily here than in the US. And you can get it without commercials. ;)

    And, like Joyce, I'm with you on the faucets.

  7. I thought you Americans liked electric kettles as well !!!

  8. Hello just linked over from Amost American. I like you blog, making me feel a little homesick!

    I hear you on the faucet thing, if we ever move back to the UK (I'm British living in San Francisco) i'm installing US style plumbing when I get back.

  9. The ready meals are FANTASTIC here (if you can afford to shop at M&S, that is!). The character and history of the UK still blows me away -10 years after arriving. Most houses are older than my home country (New Zealand). How's that for a head spin??? The mould is a pain in the backside - we're fighting a losing battle at our place at the moment. Hope you've conquered yours!!! x

  10. Separate faucets are common on old sinks. Most kitchen sinks now have a mixer tap as do baths. Bounty is available here. Very easy to get take out delivered by going on line. You can buy plug in towel warmers than you could have in the bedroom. They also air/dry clothes. Lakeland sell one.


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