Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three days to go

So only three days to go. The packers come in two days. I'm taking inventory of everything we're shipping and it's A LOT of stuff. Our house is upside down with boxes everywhere and things strewn about begging to be put somewhere. Both Fen and I are neat nicks so this is driving us batty.

I'm already checking out of New York. On Sunday night - Superbowl night - I went out to dinner with several of my closest girlfriends. We went to Union Square Cafe for a farewell dinner. It was lovely. We drank sancerre and ate fantastic food and had a grand old time laughing about old times.

On the way there I decided to take the subway into Manhattan knowing it would be the last time for a long time. As I waited for the train a tall lanky fella dressed completely in black with the exception of his bright turquoise shoes (complete with matching laces) sat next to me. I like to see what people are reading so I glanced at his book. It was titled something like" How to Make Anyone Love You." He was highlighting passages and studying it with great concentration. On one page it had a place to list your best assets or 'things that worked in your favor'. He wrote: My accent. Well, I just had to hear it so I asked him for the time. He happily answered, "Half past six" in a crisp British accent. Egad!

On the way home I took a cab, knowing it would also be the last time for a long time that I'd cross the Brooklyn Bridge. While we crossed it I got nostalgic as I looked over the city skyline glowing in the night. I've spent nearly 19 years of my life in this city and I will miss it. I just hope that I can fit into another city as well as I have New York. I know I'm spoiled by New Yorks instant gratification and the fast, fast pace it thrives on. But I will adjust.

Three days to go...there's just not enough time!


  1. Woah! I totally get this. Its like I wrote this post. I would have done all these same things you did, with the same reasons and reactions. You must be cool ;)

    You will love London in a different but equal way. You sound ready for the adventure. So long as you make an effort to get out and really see London, go on guided walks in many many different areas. I highly recommend A Travellers History of London--it is a short but well written book and I completely and totally believe that to really love London you must know its history. It makes fascinating reading!

    Happy Trails!


  2. I too lived in NYC (grew up in Brooklyn and now live in Austin) and now am prepping to make the move to London in a few months.

    I am really enjoying reading about your journey. I hope it I can take away some tips to help my move go a bit more smoothly. Hope you have a great, easy move!

  3. Good luck with your move and enjoy your last few days in New York, hopefully you're not getting hit with too much snow right now!

  4. Good luck - see you on the other side. (Of the Pond, that is).


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