Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Becoming British-ish

So we've arrived - haven't met the Queen yet, but it's only been four days. It has been an absolute harried wreck of a time but so far, so good. Sort of.... The corporate  housing we're in is lovely and large but it's not wheelchair/pushchair friendly so I have to haul our heavy Phil & Ted double dash up seven stairs to come in and out. Other than that things are good.

Fen starts his new position this afternoon and I'm a bit worried about being alone but I'm sure I'll be fine. Cate's toys have yet to arrive (as well as my computer) so she's a bit bored. I've got her in daycare for a few hours a day so she can go out and play because it rains.... a lot... everyday. Don't know why that's a surprise but it is.

I'm at an internet cafe so I haven't much time but I've got tales of the packing  which nearly sent me over the edge - they packed EVERYTHING. I put my coffee mug down to answer the phone and they packed it - dirty! I wonder if they even tossed the remaining coffee out first. And that's just the beginning!

But we're sorting ourselves out - meeting with estate agents tomorrow and Friday. Things are frightfully expensive so we're probably not going to be as conservative as we originally planned. I cannot live in a tent as I previously mentioned - no matter how  handy I am with a campfire and pen knife.

Must run, left Fen with the two kids who were both gearing up for a good crying jag. HOpe he's still in one piece. More soon....


  1. WELCOME TO ENGLAND!! If you fancy a cup of tea this week or next let me know.

    and I'm so sorry to have to say this but you're going to have to get used to the rain! it sucks. xxxx

  2. You mean Liz hasn't popped round to welcome you to the neighbourhood? How rude!

  3. Welcome to Rainy old England. I hope things settle down for you soon

  4. Welcome to England! Yeah, it rains here; get used to it. And you need to be here at least six months before the Queen stops by for a visit ;)

  5. Welcome to England!!! The rain has been pretty bad these last few days but it will settle for a couple of days at a time :)
    Good luck with the estate agent and looking for a place. Where about are you looking? I hope the toys AND the computer turn up soon! :)
    Take care x

  6. Thanks for the welcomes! I'm sorting it out - I think! George's Mum - I'm ready for that tea!

  7. hey... just thought I'd check in- I seem to leave conversations half finished all over the place- sorry!!

    Good to hear you're feeling better after the poisoning episode! I can do any day next week except Monday so let me know if you're serious about meeting. xx

  8. HI George's Mum - I'm serious - let's go have a cup of tea. I'm free all week - email me: jollyoldengland@gmail.com. Looking forward to it.


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