Monday, January 11, 2010

Out and about

So today I got up early (after 5 broken hours of sleep) and hit the city. I had a doc's appointment and then went into the office. Being with the early morning rush hour folks was a thrill! It's amazing how quickly you forget  how fast this city moves when you've been out of it for two months. Everyone is a huge bloody hurry, it seems everything is in a huge hurry - the cabs, the trains, even the guys selling coffee from the sidewalk vendors rush you along. but I managed to fall into step with them, even if I did huff and puff a little!

The subway was a madhouse as always and no one offered me a seat - which is perfectly fine seeing how I've lost all the pregnancy weight but still manage to have a poochy tummy. Then again, I wasn't offered a seat that often when I was obviously pregnant with a giant child. So I grabbed hold with the rest of the straphangers and was whisked away through Manhattan. Is it me or does everyone in New York wear black (including me)?The subway car was a sea of black, grey, navy coats - only a dash of color here or there. I had my bright green scarf with me to brighten the place up!

Doc went well - as I said I've lost all the pregnancy weight so I'm only down to losing all the weight I wanted to lose before I got pregnant. Seeing how I wasn't able to do it with one child, I have no idea how I think I'll do it now. But I've got hope in my heart and my eye on a treadmill. I've been given the green light to start working out and doing all things normal. it's nice to know the option is there but I haven't the time or energy to do anything about it right now. I'll leave it till London! i keep saying that - let's hope it happens.

I was in my office today as well, sorting my mail, opening boxes of new books that have come out since I went on maternity leave. There's nothing finer than seeing the product of your hard work finally become a reality. Even better: seeing someone reading a book you edited or sold on the subway/bus/plane/beach. I get a secret thrill out of it - even now after so long. Even better still: seeing it hit the NY Times Bestseller list - it's the ultimate badge of honor. Let's hope some of them hit it this year!

After being away from X and Cate for 3 1/2 hours I was ready to come home. As much as I loved my little morning of freedom - I love my little monsters and missed them. Both were overjoyed to have me back - which made it even sweeter. Overall, it was a lovely morning. Made me appreciate both the city and my children all over again.

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