Saturday, January 16, 2010

23 days and counting

So we're moving in 23 days and the race is on. I'm up to my eyeballs with movers, quotes, lists, etc. The official movers are coming for an assessment on Tuesday to give us an idea of what we're in for this week.

We'll have two containers going over: a smaller on that takes about 10 days by air and then the major one which takes about a month or so ('so' being the operative word here). There is a weight limit to the smaller one so I'm debating what we simply MUST have over there: clothes, toys, cots, push chairs, my kitchen stuff (still sorting that), the computer, etc.

I'm still debating what we need to have with us in our carry ons and our checked luggage for the initial flight. I think the lack of sleep is making me indecisive.

I've got a lot on my plate other than just the move - my younger sister has cancer and I've been going with her to her follow up appointments and treatments. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago - went through the whole chemo/radiation and was fine for over a year. But it metastasized and is now in her lungs. She is NOT terminal but she will have chronic cancer for life - which could be decades. She will just live with it and have chemo treatments sporadically forever. It STINKS as she is a lovely, lovely person who deserves better. And she's so young! It's just not fair. I'm feeling guilty leaving her here in the city by herself but this was all set in motion before we knew her cancer had returned. Still, it doesn't make me happy to desert her. Sure she has friends and my family certainly won't leave her to herself but she lives right next door to me here in NY and we're very close.

Hopefully this summer once she has the okay from the pulmonary group to fly, she can visit me in London. We've been travel partners for years - we've traveled the world together so it would only make sense that she visit me in the UK.

Heavy sight. Back to my sorting....


  1. Good luck! And pack well--when my stuff showed up, about 6 weeks later--it looked like they had been playing rugby with the packages. Much breakage!

  2. whew. i don't envy the next few weeks for you! best of luck on the move-and the sorting. My hindsight 20/20 $.02: When in doubt, don't bring it! You'll either buy another one once you arrive and realize you can't do without-or, you'll be fine without it, and be glad you don't have the 'closet of shame' where you keep all of the things you haven't needed or wanted since you've moved!


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