Sunday, December 27, 2009

Onward ho....

So we're over Christmas and the birth certificate has arrived - I guess we're really moving to London. We're applying for X's passport tomorrow and once it's here, we're halfway across the pond. All the moving information has been revealed and we're now facing reality - we ARE going.

I have to thank the many people, Joyce, Ann, Michelle, Christina, and others who have given me tips for the move. You've all been SO helpful - much more helpful than my friends already there. There's so much to take into consideration when you have small children that all the help and advice I can get the better - so if you have any advice about moving to London with an infant and a toddler - lay it on me. I'll share with everyone - I promise.

My Kiwi husband cannot wait to get over the UK. I know his new position is a big step up for him and he's excited about it but I think being ensconced in all thing British again is going to be a big homecoming for him. Granted, I grew up in a British Commonwealth myself, but due to the close proximity to the US both countries are home to me. I'm nervous about being in England 24/7. I'm very American and woefully aware that I may be too loud, too aggressive, but I'll keep that to myself until proven guilty!

Cate's talking now - with an American accent and I expect that will change almost immediately. X will definitely have an British accent as well. I think that's charming.

Now that the move date is almost here (nothing official yet - no tickets bought) I'm starting to get excited. What's the first thing we should do once we settle? Suggestions are welcome - what's your favorite thing to do in London?


  1. London Zoo- go on a Sunday: the parking's free and it's not rammed oh, and London Aquarium.(get tickets on before you go to save a fortune) My son loves the Portrait gallery which is free on Charing Cross Road. All the parks! Good luck with the tubes!!! I stick to the buses it's so much easier with pushchairs. Good luck with the move!!x

  2. I'm a rural England girl, but I hope you love British/American life as much as I do. An early welcome!


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