Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy holidays

So Christmas is fast upon us and I'm actually prepared. Cate and X have their gifts under the tree and Santa has a full list of goodies in the basement awaiting Christmas eve. I'm not sure who's more excited about Christmas - me or Cate. I'm not so sure she's even aware of what's going on. She knows something is up with the decorations and tree. She's very intrigued by the gifts so we've had to put baby gates around the tree to save it from her curiosity. Last year was the first year Fen and I played Santa and I was over the moon waiting to see Cate's reaction. She was grumpy when she woke up so when she wandered out to the tree (where I was strategically positioned with video camera at the ready) she barely glanced at the gifts and ran to snuggle with me. I was disappointed at first but then she noticed the toys and perked up. This year she's even older and we have a bunch of fun things I know she's going to go gaga over. Once again I plan to be positioned with the flip video at the ready to record her delight - I hope!

X is only 3 weeks old so getting our Christmas photo together was a small Christmas miracle! Here they are - cut Cate's head off but - hey - they're both smiling!

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