Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been looking forward to today for a while now. I have my feast planned, guests arriving later, firewood for the fireplace, a movie (Angels and Demons) from Netflix (strategically maneuvered to arrive on time!) so Fen and I can curl up on the sofa after everyone is gone and Cate is asleep to have another piece of pumpkin pie and relax. 

Yeah, so far it's not working out as planned. We did get the movie and the firewood but things are going haywire as they are wont to do - not too bad but a tad alarming. My sister had a dinner roll catastrophe so we're doing without. No worries. But our neighbors had a problem today: He, E, and their new adorable puppy were attacked by dogs at the dog run this morning. E is at the emergency room have five bite marks cleaned and stitched! B, the wife, is upstairs trying to get her turkey ready but has to leave to take the puppy to the emergency vet as she started shaking (the puppy, not B) and whining. My sister is going with her to help out.

On top of that Fen thought it was a good idea to go shopping this morning way over at the Kings Plaza and took Cate with him. They didn't open at 11 as they advertised so he's outside with Cate and a cast of thousands waiting to storm the gates. Good luck honey!! He hasn't called in the last half hour so I'm hoping things are going well.

I'm at home working on my meal. The stuffing is made, the turkey is stuffed and dressed, the gravy is started (I make it from the neck, which I roast with herbs, and drippings), the potatoes are ready for boiling and mashing, cranberry sauce is good to go, pumpkin pie is baked and cooling, and finally, my corn souffle which I took a gamble on this year turned out spectacularly! My sister is making the required green bean casserole but we have enough food to feed the neighborhood. I'm taking my time making everything and sitting down in between each entree as I am nine months pregnant! Four days till baby - hooray!

If the corn souffle is a big hit - I'll post the recipe. It's ridiculously easy and absolutely fabulous!

Let's hope the rest of the day goes smoothly and that B, E and the puppy are all fine so they can enjoy their Thanksgiving with their grandkids.

I'm still really looking forward to the after party Fen and I will have tonight with the fire, the movie and pie. Ah, heaven!

Happy Thanksgiving! Do they have turkey in England? Lawdy, I hope so!


  1. Green bean casserole? Are you kidding me? Aren't you aware this has become an international "incident"? (Wink) See Pond Parleys.

  2. It's a shocker - go and read the comments on

  3. They do have turkey - at most stores but definitely at Whole Foods and Harrods!


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