Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sick while pregnant = FUN!

To make matters worse, I have a stomach virus which has basically stopped me in my tracks since yesterday. I'm drinking Gatorade and water like it's going out of style to avoid having to go on an IV at the hospital. So that's fun. I've slowed right now too - which I really don't have time for but have no choice. But I have been productive - I finished my holiday shopping online and everything is being conveniently whisked to my house within the next week. HOpefully, I'll feel well enough to wrap it before the baby comes. Otherwise it's gift bags or I'll hand them over wrapped in an unapologetic smile!

Fen and I bought Cate a toddler bed yesterday as well. After much deliberation, research, customer satisfaction feedback and disagreement on color - we bought the bed for Cate. We've decided to give it to her when we move into our new place in London. I wanted to start her here but the general consensus is that tossing her out of her bed now, bringing home a new baby, packing the entire house, moving her into temporary housing and then into permanent housing in London is just going to confuse her. I still think she should get used to the bed here so it's a little bit of familiar relief once we land in the UK. Thoughts?

In the meantime, I'm pulling every string I can to try and get a set visit to Sesame Street. Cate is having a very serious love affair with Elmo and I think it's only right her parents should meet her first true love. Also, I think she would just be over the moon being on the actual set with all the muppets. I hope I can pull this off... keep your fingers crossed for me. It would be nice to have a little outing that is all about her after the baby comes. she could use the boost (or so I think as required  by law for mommies).

Well, I better get back to bed, my head is swimming.


  1. Oh my. With everything else going on, and now this. I hope you're better soon. And you probably could do with some rest ;)

  2. Feel better soon. My children are 22 months apart. We moved into a new house, did the toddler bed thing and it was all super crazy. Try some graham crackers in the AM...if you can stand the smell.


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