Sunday, November 22, 2009

More blogs I'm loving....

As things slow down for me I spend more time reading other folks blogs rather than writing my own! I have 8 days until I have the baby (unless he decides to come on his own - which would be nice. But he's being evicted on November 30th!)

So while I sit here impatiently waiting and ordering things online to pass the time I peruse the blogosphere in search of interesting things to read. Here's what I'm loving these days:

Heather at Notes From Lapland has a great sense of humor and her life sounds chaotic as any mom of young kids does. Great reading - lots to see here.

Yummy Mummy  Flabby Tummy: Her stories are great. Her latest post with her dad singing and dancing in 1985 is worth a look!

If you like food - don't miss Pig In the Kitchen. The recipes are fantastic. I drool over this blog!

Sioban at Real Motherhood is living an interesting life in Turkey as a British Expat. Her hands are FULL! Makes me want to visit Turkey - soon.

Aingeal at Mum's Survival Guide tells it like it is. Her latest post on mistakes she makes me smile - it could be me!

Cowgirl in Wellies: great reading over here. She covers a lot of topics and I could read this all day! Another American in London. I love it.

Lady In London: yet another American in London. She has loads and loads of links to interesting sites and her posts are always fun. It's great to read her experiences and 'firsts' in London. An anonymous posted alerted me to this blog. Thanks - anonymous!

Scandalous Woman: this is written by a NY romance writer. It's being turned into a book for spring 2011! Good for her. Great reads on women throughout history and today who were trailblazers, trend setters and troublemakers.

And finally: a store that found me online and now I love them!


  1. Thank you. glad I make you smile. And thank you for the other lovely blogs, a few new ones here to add to the reader. oh dear, it is getting rather full...

  2. have a great delivery. Blog afterwards and let us know how different your delivery was in UK as opposed to US

  3. Aww thanks for the mention and glad that people are enjoying my posts. I hope you have an easy week and baby decides to enter the world.

  4. Thanks for the mention! Some other great reads too which I'll be adding to my blog roll! Hope baby makes an appearance soon but at least you know he'll definitely be here by next Monday!

  5. Thanks for the plug. I was in nearly the same position as you this time last year (due 27.12), ie. about to drop. With any luck you won't have to issue the eviction order. And if you do ever manage to get to Turkey, do let me know.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you have a fantastic delivery.


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