Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The bath has been conquered and Halloween was a blast

Eureka and huzzah! Cate is happy in the bath again. After we were in the Bahamas for a week and she was in the pool or ocean every waking second - her fear of water (or whatever it was) has dissipated into a love for the bath again. I can't tell you what a relief this is for me. And how handy it was for Halloween.

Cate and Fen (and unfortunately me too) were on the Today show (a US morning national TV show) modeling Halloween outfits.  Cate got frightened by the crowd, lights and camera and hightailed it back to me and the producers shoved me out into the camera much to my very pregnant, waddling dismay. But it was fun and Cate enjoyed the fun afterward.

On actual Halloween Cate (dressed as the literary great Little Red Riding Hood) and I went to her school for their big fair. The teacher I had it out with regarding l'affaire d'pumpkin was there. She could not have been kinder and showered Cate with attention. Cate wasn't having any of it. She stole a cupcake (which I paid for after I realized she grabbed one) and spent the majority of the time on the carousel waving and shouting, "HI MOMMY" each time she went by. That afternoon we went trick or treating in our fabulous neighborhood with her posse of buddies. It was a great day all around.

Her daddy spent the morning getting his head kicked in playing rugby for his team - the Old Boys of NY (you have to 35 or older to join). It was his last game before our move to London. He was nostalgic and woeful when he got home. I'm seriously hoping he doesn't join a team in London for various reasons: he doesn't bounce back from the games like he used to; it's violent and he is covered in bruises every time; it takes all day; and I'm not too keen on him giving up his days off to go play a game instead of giving me a break. Call me selfish - but I'll need a break!

Yesterday we did the final shopping for the baby. It's 27 days until I have our son (or thereabouts). My bag is almost packed. All I have to do is set up the cradle, wash and sort all his clothes, set up the changing table with his diapers and wait. That's the toughest part - the waiting!

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