Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And then it hit me again....

I must be out of my mind! I'm due to have this baby within the next 20 days (I hope!) and I just don't know what we were thinking. Two kids under three? I can't do this - then have Christmas, birthdays, New Years, pack my entire life up in boxes and move to London within 2 1/2 months!

Right now my 2 1/2 year old, Cate, is more than I can handle. I'm the size of a bowling ball and she can out run me. When she doesn't want to do what I say she lays flat on the floor chanting, "No, Mommy!" because she knows I can't bend down to pick her up. She's a wily one, that kid. Having a sibling is not going to go over big - maybe for five minutes when the baby presents her with her very own Mrs. Potato Head (our big plan - it's her favorite toy at school) but when the realization sinks in that the poop-machine is here to stay it's going to get ugly.

Cate has is good right now. Daddy to herself in the mornings and Mommy to herself in the evenings with a nanny in between, she has classes, play dates, trips to the library, birthday parties and other places (not including trips to the doctor for the H1N1 virus inoculation - that was no fun at all). Now she's going to have to share all of us with some crying, pooping, eating machine that her staff....errrm, I mean... parents, won't seem to let go. Cate does not share at the moment (a big time out issue) so I can't see this going smoothly. I sincerely hope I'm dead wrong and will eat my words happily (if not sleepily).

Just when it may start to simmer down, we're going to pack up everything and move poor Cate out of the only home she's ever known to end up in a strange country, with strange (well, to her) accents, different food (I hope they have mac n' cheese over there!) a temporary home until we can find a permanent one, and the baby will STILL be with us. My heart aches for my little girl. I know she'll be fine but I feel like I'm cheating on her and I'm not the cheating type. 

Pray I don't have to have another c-section. I need my strength for this! Cate was 8 lbs, 8oz with a ginormous head so I had no choice last time. This baby promises to be a whopper too - oy, I should have married a petite fella instead of my big Samoan/Kiwi. In second thoughts - I'll take the c - I love my Fen.


  1. Good heavens. First of all, sit down and breathe deep and have a cup of tea.

    I had two under two and it was crazy, but OK. Two kids will be madness but totally fun. Plus, as they're the same age they'll enjoy similar things. You won't have one wanting to go to rock concerts while the other wants Barney on Ice. Did anyone mention putting out the baby things for her to get used to? My doctor suggested putting out the baby seat with a doll in it and while it sounds weird my first did explore that a lot. Someone told me that every first child struggles a bit with the adjustment of a new baby, but they get over it quickly. That made me feel better. Best wishes for a quick birth and a healthy new arrival.

    P.S. If she likes the boxed Mac and Cheese you may want to pack some or plan to make your own as it's not always available here and can be expensive.

  2. Good luck with your move. My two and a half year old is also giving me quite a lot of grief at the mo, maybe it's a stage they go through? I do think that kids will adapt well so I hope Cate settles well and you manage to find some normality when things settle down and the baby arrives.


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