Saturday, October 17, 2009

My movitation - Cate above, and my soon-to-born son (44 days!). And to think they will have British accents by the time we return to the US! My husband, who is a Kiwi, is not happy about it, but I think it's nice. One of the main reasons we're moving is to give our kids a nice start in life - lots of culture, travel and a decent headstart in education. The British school system is much better than the US Public school system. Both Fen and I were in private schools our entire educations and we'd like that for our kids, but if the public (private as they refer to them in the UK) schools in the UK are really up to snuff, we'll go that route. Either way, they have me as a mother so they will be readers. Cate, at 2 and 4 months already knows her alphabet - even though she's just starting to speak in sentences. (Genius? We think so;-))

There is so much I have to learn about London. I've been pouring over blogs and web sites, chatting with friends in London and my brain still runneth over with questions. I know nothing. Especially about baby products!

Kristina of American Ex-Pat in London has posted a list of very important things to know when moving from the US to London which was ridiculously helpful if not alarming (my Kitchen Aid appliances won't work - the horror).

Somewhere Over the Pond was helpful too. She's back in the US now so her blog is essentially over, but the information is great. And she was in Hampstead which is one of the neighborhoods we're eyeing.

I know that we're going to make some really dumb decisions: like bringing my Kitchen Aids and flat screen in the hopes that I can break the code and make it happen (hope springs eternal!). But we're not going to mess around with things that matter - like bank accounts and phones. I cannot live without a phone and a computer - it's not possible. I'm going to have to figure that out now - seeing how I have all the time in the world what with packing/sorting/tossing/selling everything we own, being 8 months pregnant, and preparing to have a baby. I must be out of my mind.

At least I've got Cate's wardrobe done - all old clothes given away, and clothes for next summer packed, all winter things cleaned, folded and ready to toss in a suitcase any second. I've done my Christmas shopping (haven't wrapped anything though). The new baby's clothes are all sorted, ready to be washed and put away.

This week: selling big item furniture that we're not using and listing hundreds of books on sale on eBay. I have thousands - seeing how I've been in book publishing for 18 years - I've got a lot. Even though I toss about 50-100 a year (putting them out on our stoop in Brooklyn much to the delight of the neighbors) I collect more than I toss. They've ALL got to go. I'm only taking my absolute favorites that I will read again. It's a hellavu job but it's got to be done.

Well, Fen and Cate are at the park but it looks like rain. Better get moving....


  1. Your daugther is adorable!

  2. I use my American KitchenAid in England. Just get a transformer. Good luck with your move. It is major stress, as you say.

  3. Thank you for the info on a transformer! That's terrific news!

  4. Good luck with the move! It's stressful, I know, but it'll be worth it!


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