Friday, October 23, 2009

My favorite British Haunts - short list.

Looks like we're all settled with the contract. Only took a month but at least we got what we wanted! Somehow it's not that victorious - I think that I just knew it would work out and that we were moving so it was just another speedbump in the road to London. Heaven knows there are enough of them.

So now I'm looking at London with rose colored (coloured?) glasses and things seem so much more promising. The fact that I haven't looked at any London realtor sites in our price range or the cost of things in London of late. I've been living in a blissful bubble focusing on what I love about London.

Here is a short list:

Harrods food hall. Ridiculously wonderful - like a culinary dream world full of every savory and succulent sugary delight one can imagine. I spend too much time and too much money there. I will have to trade it for Tesco or Marks and Spencer. Even though they are not as fancy - I still love them because they are different from US stores and all the merchandise is a wonder. (I'm easily impressed - clearly).

The Reject China Shop on Brompton Road in South Kensington, London. They are stocked with every china and crystal glassware you can imagine. There is much more to it than that and I can browse through their store for hours spending entirely too much money (see a pattern forming here?). I'm a big china and glass fanatic. I inherited by maternal grandmother's Wedgewood china and have added to the collection through this store. here is the online version but it's not as fun as being there.

Portobello Road Market in Knotting Hill. Maybe this is cliche but I love it. I've found really fantastic gifts, antiques, jewelry, vintage purses and coats here for really reasonable prices. I love meandering through the many stalls. I've always wanted to buy fruits, veggies, and flowers but never have because I was a tourist. Now I have visions of buying whatever I want - this with a double stroller and two kids in tow - I am a dreamer!!! Maybe I'll run into Hugh Grant and run off with him just like Knotting Hill the movie!

Pret A Manger. They have it here in New York (and probably other cities). But they do not have the Coronation Chicken sandwich, which is criminal, frankly. In my search for it today I noticed the Coronation Chicken sandwich has over 500 calories which has cast a huge pall on my adoration. It won't stop me from having one the minute I can. But I'll have to put a limit on them if I'm going to lose this baby weight!

Twinings tea - the real stuff and the many different blends they have. I could go on and on about it but I don't want to torture myself by thinking of their fantastic lime leaf tea with raspberry or I'll crave it. Dammit - too late.

Cadburys chocolate. Bring on the Crunchies! Nestle's white chocolate and smarties by the pound!

I could go on and I will add to my favorite British things as time goes on.

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