Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Debate

I'm pissed - not just hormonal - but a heapin' pile of burnin' rage. I was at my daughter Cate's pre-pre-school class this morning. We were asked to bring in a mini-pumpkin for a project they were doing. Fen and I bought Cate her pumpkin and Cate happily gave it to one of the teachers when we got to the class today (the first there - as usual. Can't help it - I'm rarely late).

The class was going fine -until halfway in, when the kids all sat down at the activity table and the pumpkins were doled out. Not everyone brought a pumpkin so they were short a mini-pumpkin. guess who didn't get one? MY KID! The teachers looked at one another and one said, "We'll give Cate the big pumpkin." This giant, already painted and crayoned, pumpkin. My blood pressure shot through the roof. Cate didn't seem to mind so I kept my mouth shut. But when the little pumpkins were put in a box of glitter and shook - Cate waited her turn excitedly, jumping up and down, saying, "Me, me!" But there was no me. Her giant crap-pumpkin couldn't fit in the box, she didn't get a turn and she didn't get to take a pumpkin home.

Being 8 months pregnant I thought I may be having a hormonal reaction to this and waited for Fen to show up after class to pass it by him. Naturally, Cate had already moved on, but the site  of her crushed little face when she didn't get a turn and had no pumpkin - the disappointment was seared into my memory forever. Fen didn't understand and said, "Why didn't you say anything?"

My nature is to speak out, fight a fair fight, and restore justice when justice has gone wrong. My main issue with my silence was that I know I can overreact to things right now, I didn't want to make a scene in front of my daughter, and I feared I would clunk the heads of both teachers together after I overturned the activity table. So I kept mum waiting for validation. Also, I didn't want to be one of THOSE mothers.

Now that hours have passed, I'm still angry. And next week I plan to go in early (as if I had a choice) and speak to the teachers in a calm voice telling them I didn't appreciate it. Every week Cate is the last one picked, the last one seated and the last one acknowledged - it's coming to an end next week. I am one of those mothers and my daughter, who is adorable and deserving, will be treated as an equal in her class.

The teachers have no idea what they are up against in Cate's mommy.

I just hope that when Cate starts new classes next year in the UK we have teachers who are a little more on the ball because this is not a battle I wish to wage. But a mother has to make sure her child is taken care of - no?

And don't get me started on some kid getting to take home the pumpkin WE bought for our daughter, when his/her parents didn't bother to bring one.

Am I over reacting?


  1. No Way! I teach 4th but use to teach the K and 1....and this would never have happened. You are totally in the right. Although you probably could have said something then and there wait a minute...I bought a pumpkin for my child, I expect her to get one. BUT you should never have had to...period! I've done the what ever is brought in is in a big community pile before and we all get one, but not necessarily the exact same one but the children that brought one got one before the ones that did not. Usually I would have to go out and get the extras that were not supplied or some parents would send in more than one of whatever so we'd be fine. I would certainly say something....just next time bring it up right away to save you the time of stewing on it and getting even madder. I'd of been furious too! Hey by the way, stumbled across your blog cause I have always dreamed about doing what you are about to do! I am very jealous...I always thought with or without kids it would be an amazing experience. I look soooo forward to reading your posts throughout the whole process. Good luck with everything! ~ Trish

  2. I heading in today on my way to the office. I'm not a shy one - I just don't trust myself being hormonal right now. But the record MUST be set straight today. Those broads will rue the day! Thanks for stopping in - I think this is going to be a fantastic adventure!

  3. I would've been upset too. Donlt think I've said anything infront of the class as it's not the other kid's fault they didnlt have a pumpkin, that's down to the parents.

    If you feel sh'e being left 'til last alot though you have to speak out. The teachers shouldn't show favouritism even if they feel it.

    I hope you get it sorted. I never trusted myself with those damned emotion inducing pregnancy hormones either.


  4. Hi! I'm a teacher that is moving to London in January and I found your blog. I've lived in London for a year before so I know what it's like (although I couldn't imagine what it would be like taking kids around on the tube/buses or packing up with a little guy on the way!) I love, love, love London and I can't wait to get back there, although the schools are TOTALLY different and teaching there was very tough. I hope things transition well for you!

  5. Thanks for the support! I went back and spoke with the teacher - who was full of excuses and no solutions. We're leaving after next month so I won't make an issue of it. I hope we settle in a better situation in the UK. Ann - where are you teaching?


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